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Life isn’t about Finding yourself…
Life is about Creating yourself

Lifestyle Design.

The art and science of actively creating your life, instead of living in ‘default mode’ or the status quo.

It’s an easy enough trap to fall into. Life on autopilot. BUT it doesn’t have to be permanent.

Today, more than ever, we live in a world filled with limitless possibilities …
and the best way to tap into that fountain of possibility and take back control in your life?

Start a Lifestyle-Based Business

A lifestyle-based business is a business model that focuses on duplication and leverage.

The industry best known for this … and for creating the most women millionaires in the US alone?

The direct sales/network marketing industry.


One of 3 things just happened when you read that last line

1) You smiled and got goosebumps thinking of all the limitless possibility your business in the direct sales/network marketing industry holds for you … which means you need to go visit

2) You thought what the heck is direct sales/network marketing?! So I would advise you check out “Join My Team” from the menu bar above

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and now reaction #3 ….
Your insides boiled and you clenched your fists, thinking “grrr those pyramid schemes” and “stupid girl, network marketing is a scam”!
If thats you, you’re probably gonna wanna hit the back button cuz we’re kinda in love with the direct sales/network marketing industry over here.


I get it. The uncertainty. The sleepless nights. That restless feeling that just won’t go away. The nagging feeling that more is possible.

The fear that keeps you paralyzed. Small. Hiding out.
And then there’s that little voice. The one reiterating your fears and talking you out of your dreams.

Asking WHO are YOU to have a better life? Asking WHY do you need to change anything? Life is… comfortable.
And of course there is that small nagging element of failure – what if you TRY and *gasp* Don’t succeed?!

What would people THINK?!

She’s a real bitch that one. And her job is to keep you stuck. Playing small. Keep you safe by hiding from your fears.

BUT it’s time to kick her to the curb. WHY? Because on the other side of that fear – is everything you have ever wanted.

It’s time. Your life awaits.