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I’m Amy Deagle, a Registered Nurse with a passion for leadership, nursing, women’s rights and helping women find their voice. 

I started the International Network of Nurse Leaders because I believe that nurses, when rallied together in a unifed purpose, have the power to change the world. Nurses deserve a seat at the table. Far too long have we been excluded from the decisions made in healthcare, yet we carry the industry on our backs. We are the backbone of the healthcare industry, and it’s time we used that collective voice to make the changes we know are so desperately needed. 

I believe that good leadership can change lives. It forms teams. Builds organizations. Impacts communities. And, has the power to positively influence the world. Nurses are the type of empathetic, caring leaders that we so desperately need. My mission is to help them find their own voice, confidence and power to step up and start being the leader their world needs. 

If you’re a nurse that is ready to step into a leadership role, whether that’s in a formal or informal role, I’d love to connect with you. Send me a message and I’ll be in touch!

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